Buying Guide

1. Viewings

Once you have found the property you want, you’ll need to make an offer for it. This is done via Jaxons. Having an agreement in principle in place is more likely to have your offer accepted. When the seller accepts your offer, the buying process can go ahead.

2. Offers and acceptance

You will need to hire a solicitor or licensed conveyancer they will take care of the legal aspects of the sales.

3. Conveyancing

If you are buying with a mortgage your lender will insist on a survey to check the value and condition of the property, normally you will pay for this.

4. Completion

When your solicitor/conveyancer are happy with the contract, searches they will send you the contract for you to go through, sign and return, this known as reporting to the client. The deposit is usually 10% of the total price. Once the solicitor has the contract and deposit they will move forward to an exchange. Once this is done the buyer and sellers are committed to the sale. Walking away from the sale at this stage means you’re likely to lose your deposit.